The Foundation for Your Modern Marketing Organization
A solid Lead Management Framework is more than a Demand Funnel—it’s the backbone that supports all marketing and sales processes, procedures and technologies. Understanding, integrating and optimizing your organization’s lead management framework is critical to improving marketing productivity and performance. We helps you define each stage of the buyer’s journey. We deliver demand and sales funnel analytics, business intelligence, sales and marketing alignment, and closed-loop reporting to improve conversion rates and fine-tune your overall demand strategy.
Our experts guide you through the essential steps of establishing your lead management framework, including:

  • Designing your funnel model, including all stages a lead moves through in the funnel
  • Defining lead stages outside the funnel, such as Recycle and Disqualified
  • Developing of your lead taxonomy and outlining clear roles and responsibilities for all funnel stakeholders
  • Integrating lead scoring and nurturing systems and ensuring you have the tools, technologies, campaigns, and strategies in place and aligned to move leads and accounts through the funnel Building reports to enable accurate measurement of lead volume and velocity
  • Optimizing the customer experience after conversion to encourage loyalty and expansion